Vitamin B12 Deficiency and Foods with B12

Vitamin B12 Deficiency and Foods with B12 Even a small deficiency of vitamin B12 can lead to anaemia, fatigue, male infertility, heart disease and depression, while a long term deficiency can cause permanent damage to the brain and central nervous system. What is Vitamin B12? Vitamin B12, also known as cobalamin, was the most recent […]

Bilberry Extract for Eye Health


During the Second World War, RAF pilots noticed that their night vision improved after eating bilberry jam.   Their anecdotal reports led to scientific research into the bilberry (1). The health-promoting components of the ripe fruit consist primarily of flavonoid compounds known as anthocyanosides, and the modern medicinal form of bilberry is an extract containing a […]

11 Top Tips to Avoid a Bloated Belly

Eleven Top Tips to Avoid a Bloated Belly Most cases of bloated belly are simply due to poor digestion, and the suggestions given below will help in most instances. There are also hormonal reasons for bloated belly, such as pre-menstrually, and of course pregnancy. Other reasons for bloated belly or swollen abdomen include IBS, or […]

Inflammatory Arthritis

Inflammatory Arthritis This article outlines Good Foods for Arthritis, Foods to Avoid for Arthritis, Nutritional Supplements for Arthritis and a list of Other Suggestions. There are two main types of arthritis: osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Rheumatoid arthritis is an inflammatory condition, where cartilage and tissues in and around the joints are damaged or destroyed.  Symptoms […]

Healthy Desserts – Healthy Chocolate Dipper with Omega Oils

Healthy Desserts – Healthy Chocolate Dipper with Omega oils Here’s another one of my health recipes which is an easy and delicious way to get your children to take the omega 3 they so badly need for healthy brains and IQ. Omega Chocolate Dipper   Prepare fruit that your children like, and forks to dip […]

Healthy desserts – Ice Lollie

You will need a food processor or blender and a lolly mould with holders to make these ice lollies, which can also double up as a healthy dessert for children. Strawberry Omega Ice Lollies Makes 4 175g/6oz fresh strawberries 100ml/3 fl oz milk (or use almond milk) 1 x teaspoon AquaSource Fatty Acid Complex 1 […]

What Can I Do to Lose Weight?

Suggestions abound regarding help to lose weight, and this short blog focuses on just one – sleep deprivation. Being sleep deprived, either by choice or conditions such as obstructive sleep apnea, can raise blood sugar levels and slow the body’s metabolism, and increase risk of diabetes and obesity, according to a 2012 study published in […]

Good Food for Skin

Inflammation damages skin, either quickly in the form of dermatitis, or more slowly in the form of wrinkling and sagging. Anti-inflammatory foods include those that contain healthy oils (essential fatty acids) and pigments (carotenoids, flavonoids, etc.) and antioxidants (pycnogenol). Here are the main foods good for skin: Avocados Blue-green algae (Klamath Lake) Spirulina Fish (especially […]

Today’s Food – When a carrot is not a carrot!

Many of us assume that if we are eating a well-balanced diet, we are receiving all the necessary nutrients for optimum health. However, according to a leading nutritionist, Patrick Holford, no single piece of research over the past two decades has been able to support this belief. The concept of the “well-balanced diet” is a […]

Autism – the Digestion Connection

Behaviour and health are intimately linked. Everyone is aware of how physical ill health affects mood and energy levels and how a chronic physical condition can affect personality and outlook. The same is true for children. Not only are children beginning to experience health problems never seen before in childhood such as ulcerative colitis and […]