Low folate in pregnancy may lead to hyperactive kids

Broccoli. Classed as a superfood.

Brain development during early pregnancy may be impaired by low levels of folate in the mother, which may lead to behavioural problems and hyperactivity, according to a recent study. Researchers measured the folate levels in 100 expectant mothers. Blood samples were tested at 14 weeks’ pregnancy and total folate intake from food and supplements was […]

Statins now linked with muscle injuries and cataracts

People are at much higher risk of developing cataracts or suffering muscle injuries such as dislocations, strains and sprains, when taking Statins, researchers have found. Muscle aches and pains, and injuries Muscle aches and pains are well known side effects of statins and it’s now been shown those effects extend to joint and muscle injuries […]

Vitamin D deficiency in children increases diabetes risk

When scientists in the US compared the prevalence of vitamin D deficiency in non-overweight children with children who were overweight, they made some shocking discoveries. More than 400 obese children aged 6-16 were compared with 87 non-overweight children. They found that Vitamin D deficiency was common among both groups, but especially so in the overweight […]

Brain Boosting Berries

Aquasource Berry Power with Acai Berries

A diet rich in phytonutrients from berries could help improve brain health according to a recent study. The researchers suggested that strong scientific evidence exists to support the beneficial effects of berries on the brain. They explained that recent research has increasingly shown that eating berry fruits can benefit the ageing brain. They analysed the […]