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Sonja VanderdolHello, my name is Sonja VanderDol.

I have worked with several thousand clients as a nutritional therapist, since 1987.

I first became aware of the exceptional qualities of AquaSource products and the benefits they provided to myself and my clients way back in 1995, and ever since, they have remained my favourite choice of food supplement. I say supplement, but of course, algae is actually a food, albeit in powder, liquid and capsule form!

You can read more about the qualities and benefits of this remarkable algae and why I love it so much here

My very first experience of the algae was interesting to say the least!  I had already been using supplements for about 10 years, including spirulina occasionally.  Sometimes I would make myself a ‘smoothie’ and added a good dessert spoon of spirulina to the mix.  When I received a leaflet through my door about AquaSource products, I thought, “Well, I don’t need this, I already have spirulina”.  But, within the space of a few months, I received information about AquaSource probably four or five times more, until it became obvious that I needed to take another look.


Maxi, my King Charles Spaniel loved her algae

Long story short, I purchased a bottle of AquaSource algae in powder form, and added a dessert spoon of the algae to a smoothie, in the same way I had done sometimes with spirulina. I now know, that I used far more of this algae than I needed to, but I certainly wasn’t expecting the reaction I felt almost immediately in my body!  I remember clearly, I was standing up in my kitchen, talking to my dog, Maxi, a King Charles Spaniel, and drank my smoothie. Within moments, I felt a surge of energy rise in my body – very strangely and inexplicably, the energy seemed to rise from my feet and travel up my legs and up through the rest of the body.  Very strange, and to this day I cannot explain why or how this happened so quickly, and especially not why it should start with my feet!  The following day, there was a similar reaction, but to a much lesser degree.  Since then, I have never experienced it again.

Please note, I really took far too much – I had no idea how powerful it was.  Luckily for me, I had very recently completed a cleanse as described by Bernard Jenson, which involved 10 days of fasting on only water, with two enemas per day.  I was pretty clean. Had I not done this, my liver might not have coped with such a large dose of AquaSource algae (Aphanizomenon flos-aquae, AFA).  Be warned – don’t do what I did!  Start with a capsule or two or three, which is quite enough. (And drink water)

“As a physician working with thousands of clients, I find that Aphanizomenon Flos-Aquae (AFA) helps to restore overall biochemical balance by nourishing the body at the cellular level. The positive response from the use of AFA has been extraordinary. A wonderful and unique blend for peak performance of body, mind, and spirit that should be included in any detoxification and rejuvenation program. I take it myself daily.” Dr. Gabriel Cousens M.D.

Maxi, my spaniel pictured above, started to put on some weight after I had her spayed.  I gave her just the smallest amount of AquaSource Lighten-Up, and, how cute, it slimmed her down again and kept her that way for the rest of her life. If I still had her now, I would give her Green Energy too.

Another interesting thing that happened on that first day, was that within a short space of time (I can’t remember how long) my hands began to smell of metals.  When I washed my hands, within a short time the smell would return. It was as if I’d been handling coins all day, although of course I hadn’t.  To be honest, it was quite unpleasant.  Unfortunately, I had two clients booked in that day for aromatherapy, and I was forced to reschedule both appointments at short notice as it would not have been fair to the clients to subject them to this unpleasant ‘heavy metal’ smell.

I think I can explain why this occurred.  Since I was very young, I had quite a few amalgam fillings, which were removed and replaced several times, and the methyl mercury released would have been stored in my body over the years.  Added to that, I had lived in London for quite a while, by busy roads, and would have inhaled lead.  I also spent quite a few months stripping paint off old sash windows, door frames and skirting boards in my Victorian home, using a heat gun.  It all looked lovely, certainly, but I wonder how much cadmium and lead I absorbed from the many layers of old paint? And let’s not even think about the Winston Churchill size cigars my father smoked every single day, throughout our childhoods, quite innocently polluting the air around us with cadmium!

“There is no family of foods more protective against radiation and environmental pollutants than sea vegetables … sea vegetables can prevent assimilation of different radionuclitides, heavy metals such as cadmium, and other environmental toxins.”   Steven Schecter, N.D

algae face masks

Fun with home made face masks, using whatever healthy food we found in the kitchen

Here are a couple of pictures of myself and students from an aromatherapy/nutrition class I used to teach. For one session on each course I invited students to my home, and we’d have lots of fun making up a variety of different face masks, using whatever we could find in the kitchen (such as avocado and oatmeal), and added essential oils and AquaSource algae.  Lots of fun.