Algae Powder


AquaSource Algae Powder – 50g

This blue green algae powder is very popular because it can be used in so many ways; mixed in liquid or sprinkled on food.

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One half to one gram daily or as desired. Mix with a small amount of liquid and top up with spring water or juice, or sprinkle on food or in smoothies. Do not take more than 4g daily.Key


  • One of the most complete and efficient nutrition sources found in nature
  • Klamath Lake algae provides a wide range of nutritional components including vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants, neuropeptides and fatty acids
  • High in Vitamin B-12, so an excellent food for vegetarians and non-vegetarians
  • AquaSource Algae is fresh dried and never frozen – helping to maintain maximum nutrition content*
  • Contains neuropeptides important for healthy brain function
  • Contains chlorophyll – responsible for capturing the light energy needed for photosynthesis. Also a natural internal body cleanser.
  • Algae are at the bottom of the food chain. It is very nutrient dense, meaning that there is little waste when it is consumed, which is the opposite of eating junk food, which is sometimes described as “empty calories”.
  • The body recognises the nutrients in algae as food and they are easily absorbed and utilised.

*Drying Process
AquaSource’s BioActive Dehydration(R) process is a proprietary drying process that dehydrates algae to a powder with virtually no degradation of nutritional elements, colour, aroma or flavour. Temperature never exceeds 40.5oC (105oF), and exceeds the normal human body temperature of 37oC (98.6oF) for less than two minutes.
AquaSource’s BioActive Dehydration is far lower than Conventional Spray Drying methods.

AFA – The Heartiest Food on Earth

Why is AFA algae so powerful a “super-food” and so effective in transforming the health status of humans to vitality and boosted immunity? It is partly because of the conditions under which AFA flourish, free from the technological pollutants of insecticides, pesticides, herbicides, and chlorinated phenyls and dioxins.

But why is AFA so able to tolerate environmental extremes? After evolving so successfully for eons, AFA has developed wide and versatile enzyme systems. When we eat AFA algae we benefit accordingly. A variety of enzymes means a generous selection of their constituent minerals, vitamins and amino acids, all of which are free from dangerous environmental pollutants.

There are other naturally protective substances in AFA. The glutathione molecule was probably the Earth’s first antioxidant. It was used to shield and protect primitive forms of blue-green algae from the burning effects of a harsh and hostile environment. For humans, the same glutathione from AFA has been shown to protect us from the toxic effects of a polluted environment.