Berries for Healthy and Youthful Skin

Berry Power - powerhouse of 15 concentrated berry nutrients including bilberry

Berry Power – powerhouse of 15 concentrated berry nutrients including bilberry

Skin is predominantly made from collagen which is the most abundant protein in the body – it is the protein that forms connective fibres in tissues including skin, ligaments, cartilage, muscles and capillaries, but it is prone to free radical damage.

Free radicals are damaging molecules that contribute to the ageing process including fine lines and wrinkles, tissue damage and overall health. Externally, exposure to ultraviolet light via sunshine and pollution are two of the major factors that increase the level of free radicals circulating in the body. The natural solution is to consume antioxidants which have the ability to neutralise free radicals, rendering them harmless.

One of the most powerful groups of antioxidants to have been identified are from a division of the flavonoid family and are called anthocyanidins or OPCs. Flavonoids are found in abundance in fruit and vegetables, and for a long time have been recognised as important, but is is only more recently that the exciting discovery of this sub-group has been made.

In plants, anthocyanidins are responsible for the pigments that give fruit and berries their fabulous, rich colours and seem to help protect the growing plant against various environmental assaults, including UV radiation. Dark skinned fruit such as black grapes, cherries and blackberries provide particularly useful levels of anthocyanidins.

As well as powerful antioxidants, anthocyanidins have been identified as being particularly active in supporting and repairing collagen-rich structures in the body. This is of great interest since in addition to poor skin health, compromised or weaked collagen can lead to damaged capillary walls and a less than efficient microcirculation.

Reinforcing and preserving collagen in the body helps improve skin elasticity as well as enhancing the skin’s microcirculation. But even diets high in fruit and vegetables may not provide optimal levels of these new, capillary enhancing phytonutrients, which is where taking a daily food supplement based on berries and its anthocyanidins can be invaluable.

Another potent antioxidant for the skin is Pycnogenol, from the French maritime pine bark. One of Pycnogenol’s advantages is its ability to bind to the skin’s collagen and elastin, providing a wealth of health benefits other than skin health. The super-antioxidant inhibits collagen and elastin degradation by destructive enzymes and helps fight harmful free radicals in the process. The result is increased skin elasticity and smoothness and prevention against wrinkles. Pycnogenol also improves microcirculation of tiny skin capillaries, which in turn supports better oxygen, nutrient and hydration supply to the skin. These actions work in sync to give skin a healthier look and vibrant glow.

Super Antioxidant with Pycnogenol

Super Antioxidant with Pycnogenol




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