Check Your Poop with Your App. Really?

Who’s the Queen of Poop? Gillian McKeith of course.

She’s also ambassador for the Beating Bowel Cancer’s BE LOUD campaign. BE LOUD encourages the public to turn their backs on embarrassment and to talk openly about their health, and specifically about trouble in the toilet department.

So what’s new?

A new app, that’s what. The Dutch have now come up with an app for a Poop campaign which allows you to examine your waste to find early signs of disease.

Poop app

Is this the first Poop-App?

Soft, but not too soft, and you’re right as rain.  Hard rabbit pellets, or covered in mucous, or blood in the stool, and you might want to have a check-up with your Doctor to be on the safe side.

The Dutch campaign was developed for the Digestive Diseases Foundation in the Netherlands. Its co-founder, Patrick van der Gronde, says “One of the best ways to spot early signs of colorectal cancer, and many other ailments, is to inspect your poop. What comes out of you says a lot about what’s going on inside you.”