Dick Van Dyke Tweets for Help with Health Issue

“My head bangs every time I lay down. I’ve had every test come back that I’m perfectly healthy. Anybody got any ideas?”

This is the plea that actor Dick van Dyke posted on his Twitter account on Wednesday.

Mr Van Dyke received various responses to his tweet for help, including questions about what tests have been carried out so far.

“It has been going on for 7 years. I’ve had every test you can think of,” he replied, “including an MRI and spinal tap”.

His spokesman Bob Palmer, said that apart from cranial throbbing Mr Van Dyke has a strong constitution and is otherwise fine. “This is a guy that never gets sick… he doesn’t smoke, drink or pop pills,” Bob Palmer  told NBC News. “It’s very frustrating that doctors cannot find out what is going on.”

Dick van Dyke has been advised not to fly, until he has received a firm diagnosis and treatment plan.

Sadly that means that he had to cancel his trip to receive a Lifetime Achievement Award in New York next week.

Dick van Dyke is best loved for his hilarious cockney accent in Mary Poppins, and for Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and the Dick Van Dyke Show, as well as Diagnosis Murder.

We obviously wish him well, and hope that he soon finds a successful outcome to his health problem.