B Vitamins (as found in AquaSource AFA Algae)

AFA algae capsules and powder

Ideally, all of us would get all of the nutrients we need for optimal health from fresh, healthful foods. In reality, this is difficult. In our chemically polluted and stress-filled world, our nutritional requirements have been increasing, but the number of calories we require has been decreasing, as our general level of physical activity has […]

77 Years Ago They Said This . . .

Blue Green Algae Capsules

Sometimes people ask me whether we couldn’t get all the nutrients we need from our food. Why should we also take supplements? Do we really need them? Even BEFORE World War II, the US Government already admitted that the Quality of our Food was Starving Us and Causing Us to Sicken, Suffer and Shorten Our […]

High Glycaemic Breakfast leads to Weight Gain

Research shows people who consume a high glycaemic breakfast consume 80% more calories throughout the day. Pediatrics. 1999 Mar;103(3):E26 Eat More Of: Low GL Foods Full fat plain yoghurt, Greek Yoghurt, Eggs, Meat and Fish, Nuts and Seeds. Most vegetables including artichoke, asparagus, aubergine, avocado, beans (e.g. haricot, pinto, kidney, green etc.), bean sprouts, broccoli, […]

Are you living with persistent pain?

Aquasource Flexibility for healthy joints and bones

Find out how you can find lasting relief Numerous herbs and nutrients have been shown to help with pain, inflammation and soft tissue health. These include: Essential Fatty Acids – in particular omega-3 fatty acids from fresh oily fish, are converted into potent anti-inflammatory substances in the body. Hops Extract – compounds in hops, such […]

Could a Good Breakfast Save You from Heart Disease?

boiled egg breakfast

Why skipping breakfast isn’t just bad news if you’re overweight It’s possible that skipping breakfast may increase the risk of coronary heart disease, according to a new study, published recently in the peer-reviewed Journal, Circulation. It’s long been said that breakfast may be the most important meal of the day in terms of keeping a […]

Vitamin D Benefits for Your Skin

Aquasource Vitamin D

There’s been much talk over the last years about the importance of having sufficient vitamin D for our immune systems, bones and general wellbeing and anti-ageing. But there are also specific Vitamin D benefits for the skin. Supplementation with vitamin D has been shown to provide relief from many inflammatory skin conditions, including eczema,  dermatitis, […]

Vitamin D deficiency linked to Diabetes, Cancer and Depression

Aquasource Vitamin D

UK Government acknowledges that Vitamin D deficiency is now widespread We are all aware that over exposure to the sun may cause skin cancers and premature ageing. But by avoiding sunshine we may be damaging our health as we need it to make Vitamin D. The importance of Vitamin D cannot be stressed too strongly. […]

How to reduce pores on your face

I’ve just picked all the leftover tomatoes from the garden. The green ones are on the window cill waiting for the sun to ripen them. But a couple of the ripe ones are just right to make a homemade face mask which will minimise the pores. Place one or two medium tomatoes in a small […]

Fruit juice v. Whole fruit – The Diabetes 2 connection

Aquasource Berry Power with Acai Berries

New research published recently in the British Medical Journal shows that whilst whole fruit may help to lower risks of Type 2 Diabetes, increased fruit juice intake may have the opposite effect. Researchers from Harvard School of Public Health analysed data from more than 180,000 people to assess the overall effects of fruit consumption (whole […]

Herbs and spices to keep you young

Certain herbs and spices contain very powerful compounds that fight inflammation. Here are some of the best of them: Turmeric Ginger Cinnamon Chilli Pepper Cayenne Pepper Thyme Rosemary Basil Oregano Green tea, rooibos tea and white tea Turmeric The yellow spice widely used in Indian cooking contains curcuminoids which possess considerable anti-inflammatory activity.  When compared […]