Chicken or the egg? Ageing, or inflammation?

Which came first?  The chicken or the egg?  Ageing, or inflammation? It used to be thought that inflammation was an inevitable part of the ageing process. Afterall, inflammation is associated with all the chronic diseases we get with ageing. Inflammation is not all bad though. It’s actually a natural and desirable protective immune system response […]

How to Look After Your Immune System

Aquasource Colactive 3 Colostrum

We’ve had great summer weather here in the UK, and I’m sure there will be more sunny days to come before autumn properly sets in. Still, now is a good time to give some extra consideration to our immune systems, especially in light of the horrendous idea on the news programmes lately of giving flu-shots […]

Why Fruit Juice Makes You Fat and May Cause Diabetes

And no, it’s not to do with calories! It’s because Fruit Juice easily turns to fat in your body. All sugars can cause serious damage to your body and speed up the ageing process, but the worst of them all is fructose. This may come as a bit of a surprise to some, as fructose […]

The No. 1 WORST Food that Ages You Faster

Some foods age you faster than your actual age, and other foods help keep you younger than your actual age. I’m not just talking about wrinkles and sagging skin here – but how well your whole body is functioning – organs, bones, joints, hormones, and so on. We all know that sugar and ‘bad’ fats […]

Blue Green Algae, AFA, enhances memory and communication

Blue Green Algae Capsules

What silicon quartz crystals can do for technology, AFA Klamath Lake Algae can do for our brains – both enable memory and communication, it seems. “A tiny protein called substance P is a powerful neurotransmitter. It is composed of arginine, lysine and proline, all of which are available in AFA. The amazing effect of substance […]

CoQ10 Benefits

Aquasource COQ10

So, what are the benefits to ensuring our bodies produce enough CoQ10? To function normally our body cells need energy, otherwise those cells cannot function well, and of course some cells will always need more energy than others. That energy is made by tiny little ‘energy factories’ called mitochondria. Inside the mitochondria, energy is normally […]

Leading cause of blindness in people over 65 can be prevented.


The leading cause of blindness in people over age 65 in western nations occurs when the macular region of the eye is destroyed. ARMD (Age Related Macular Degeneration) is a condition that normally affects people as they get older. However, poor nutrition, excessive sunlight and environmental factors have meant that ARMD is now affecting people […]

Algae to the Rescue – the power of this blue-green superfood

Klamath Lake in Oregon

We are in the midst of a health revolution: twenty-five years ago, you would have been hard-pressed to find any scientific papers highlighting the importance of our diet in relation to our health. Today, the medical journals are filled with such references. It appears that the scientific world is finally recognising that the foods we […]

Food Addiction – Fast Food is Addictive

Food Addiction – Fast Food is Addictive A new book claims that food manufacturers purposely create products that find the right combination of sugar, fat and salt that stimulates appetite. This starts a vicious cycle of desire and consumption that has resulted in a nation of overeaters. Former head of the United States Food and […]

Weight Control – What Can Stop Obesity?

Pot of Aquasource Lighten Up for Weight loss

“We live in a society that judges people for being fat, yet has in place every possible means for making them so. Who wants to eat less – of anything – when food is so good and plentiful? It’s hard to say no to something that is right in our faces, promising a bit of […]