How to Look After Your Immune System

We’ve had great summer weather here in the UK, and I’m sure there will be more sunny days to come before autumn properly sets in. Still, now is a good time to give some extra consideration to our immune systems, especially in light of the horrendous idea on the news programmes lately of giving flu-shots to school children.

As usual, the best advice is that PREVENTION and PROTECTION are the best approach.

The chance of illness is increased when external threats such viruses, bacteria and fungi collide with a weakened immune system. A study involving elderly people showed that they were mostly depleted in almost all key nutrients, but when they took a nutritional supplement every day, within one year their immune systems had rejuvenated, and days of illness were halved.

Eating a healthy diet, with plenty of fresh (or frozen) vegetables of all colours will give good levels of nutrients such as antioxidants.

Plenty of garlic and onions will also be immensely helpful. Garlic has long been used to support immune function, and research has shown that the ‘allicin’ in garlic has strong anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties.

Shiitaki Mushrooms have been used for many years in Japan, where studies have shown it contains an antiviral substance which can stimulate the immune system. The Japanese have long valued the Shiitake mushroom as a natural defence against viral and bacterial infections. They can be eaten raw or cooked, and have a rich, earthy flavour and are slightly chewy which can make them feel like a healthy meat substitute.

Colactive 3 (colostrum with Acidophilus and Lactoferrin)

Colactive 3 (colostrum with Acidophilus and Lactoferrin)

Research has shown that once we pass puberty, our bodies gradually produce less of the immune and growth factors that help our bodies fight off disease and heal damaged body tissue. With the loss of these vital components, we age and die. Colostrum is the only source of these life giving components – the actual immune factors and all of our body’s growth factors (hormones) in perfect combination as nature intended.

Bacterial balance of the digestive tract is crucial for the immune system. The digestive tract is actually the largest immune organ in the body, and signs that all is not well include excessive wind and bloating. If the immune system is not as good as you’d like, or you’ve taken antibiotics (even a long time ago), then probiotics such as acidophilus and bifidus can be really helpful in getting you back on track.

Stress is a major cause of suppressed immune systems. And what makes it worse, is that when we are stressed, we often eat less well and rely on ‘energy props’ such as sugar or sweet foods, and excess coffee to give us a boost. These have a detrimental effect on our energy and nutrient levels. The more we indulge in these foods, the more deficient we become in vitamins and minerals, and the cycle spirals on in a negative way.

During times of stress, try to eat lots of vegetables (especially green ones), and some fruit, especially berries. Eat brown grains instead of white ones (brown rice, brown bread, etc.) so that you get the important B vitamins and chromium to keep your energy up.

Provides active vitamin B12

Provides active vitamin B12

Klamath Lake Algae provides plenty of B vitamins and many other factors that support our nervous system.