Is sleep a waste of time?

I remember six or seven successful businessmen were questioning the value of sleep a few years ago on an internet forum. Their conclusion was that the fewer hours’ sleep they allowed themselves, the more they could achieve by doing even more work in the hours they ‘saved’. I strongly disagreed. My feeling was that the more they pushed themselves through their fatigue, the less productive they would become, though I didn’t contribute to the conversation at the time. Although it was very much a competitive and testosterone based discussion, I remember well how each one of them was ‘doing it for their family’.

More and more research shows that sufficient sleep is vital to our health on all levels, and inadequate sleep will have a wide range of adverse effects, from anxiety and depression, to fatigue, poor decision making, disordered metabolism and weight gain, and so on.

I’ve stressed the importance of sleep in my free guide to adrenal stress and fatigue, which you can download here.

Also see the excellent blog article Cheating Ourselves of Sleep by Jane E Brody, which goes into more detail.