Lake Klamath – Adventure and Voyage of Discovery

This blog is about a voyage of adventure and discovery.  AquaSource (UK) Ltd has recently appointed a new Sales and Marketing Director, David Bosley.  He has now returned from a fascinating visit to Lake Klamath, with CEO Sian Lewis, to learn about the origins of AquaSource, and its core product line, blue green algae (AFA).

He said he already knew that the products were special, having used them for several years after having been given some Colostrum by a distributor some years ago, but he was now itching to know what makes AquaSource algae products so very special. Sian wanted him to experience Klamath Lake and surroundings for himself, and off they went.

This was his experience, in his own words:

“So having the privilege to travel to Klamath, with the one individual who probably knows more about our products than anybody else, and whose passion for the products and the company knows no bounds, Sian Lewis, was a fantastic opportunity, and a wonderful experience.

Mt Shasta, where Heaven meets the Earth

Mt Shasta, where Heaven meets the Earth

Our adventure began in Mount Shasta, where we experienced the awesome energy of this area, the abundance of nature, the purity of the water. The walk up Mount Shasta was fantastic. You feel the power emanating from the mountain, and feel the tranquillity, before reaching Panther meadow, where snows were still lying from a late snowfall. The mountain streams were flowing with wonderful tasting fresh pure water from snow melt.

Mt. Shasta, Panther Meadow

Mt. Shasta, Panther Meadow

We then visited Crater Lake, at an altitude of around 7,000 feet. Crater Lake was formed thousands of years ago when Mount Mazama exploded – a 15,000 ft volcano, which erupted, spreading debris all over the surrounding countryside, even reaching Canada. It left the local areas and lakes with a liberal coating of volcanic ridge which is extremely abundant in minerals.


Not far away, and fed by snow melt from the same mountain ranges, and with the same mineral rich volcanic ridge at its base, we found the beautiful Lake Klamath, the source of the incredible superfood which is the reason for being for our company – Aphanizomenon flos-aqua (AFA) blue-green algae.

Klamath Lake in Oregon, where the amazing AquaSource Algae grow!

Klamath Lake in Oregon, where the amazing AquaSource Algae grow!

Blue green algae dates back 2.8 billion years, and is believed to be largely responsible for the creation of our atmosphere, creating the conditions for life on earth as we know it today. It forms the basis of the food chain. It is almost impossible to imagine the world as it was back then – just learning about the history of blue green algae puts into perspective how short a time we humans have been around on earth.

Whilst blue green algae can be found in water across the world, the algae found in Lake Klamath are totally unique, due to the unique geographical and environmental conditions of the area.

The benefits of AFA are countless. As a food supplement it is probably the most important you can take. We know that one of the frustrations of our industry is that we are unable to write much about the real power of some of our products; however the best thing to do is to try the products for yourself, and also to talk to those who have been using them for years.

Among the benefits anybody will receive from taking our AquaSource Algae are:

  • Extremely rich and easily digestible source of very high quality protein
  • Super abundant in Chlorophyll which helps to build our blood
  • Very high concentration of phycocyanin, which helps the immune system by stimulating production of stem cells by the bone marrow
  • An incredible 40 major and trace minerals, plus all the necessary amino acids.

Due to limitations of space it is not possible in this article to go into all the areas in which the constituent parts of AFA can be of benefit to the human physiology, but I would like to briefly list some of the more important ones.

B and C Vitamins:

AFA is rich in B and C vitamins which help the body fight stress and produce energy more efficiently.


AFA is a complete, natural protein source, being 60% protein, with 18 amino acids. The proteins in AFA are more easily assimilable by the body, and also more easily produce the neurotransmitters essential for brain health. The Phycocyanin found in AFA also works synergistically with the amino acids in this respect.

Phenylethylamine (PEA):

This is a brain chemical naturally produced by our bodies from two amino acids, and is found in concentrated form in AFA. PEA increases the activity of certain neurotransmitters in the brain which control our ability to focus and stay alert. PEA has many other benefits. However, it is associated with happiness and also increases levels of dopamine which induce feelings of concentration and positivity, and effectiveness of another chemical norepinephrine, which promotes feelings of joy.


AFA is an exceptional source of iron, which is essential to good health, and particularly important to those following restricted or vegetarian diets.

Digestive wellness:

AFA contains thousands of enzymes.  Importantly these are maintained in the AquaSource Algae products due to the low temperatures used in our drying process.

All of these benefits come from a simple product, which grows annually in the water and, after harvesting, is dried through AquaSource’s BioActive Dehydration(R) process that dehydrates algae to a powder with virtually no degradation of nutritional elements, colour, aroma or flavour, put into capsules, and delivered to you!

It is difficult to express in words the beauty of the water in this area, and the taste, which was exactly why Sian wanted me to experience it for myself, and I would highly encourage anybody to take any opportunity they have to travel to this magical area.”