Life DOES begin at 40 for Women

It’s true – life does feel better for women after 40.  Women are more satisfied and confident, feel 10 years younger, AND dare to bare in a bikini.

And it’s not just the celebrities, like Julia Roberts 45, Nicole Kidman 45, or Geri Halliwell 40.

New research just carried out by Health Food Companies and published in the Daily Mail surveyed 2000 women aged 40-65 about their lives and passing major milestones.

More than half, 55%, of the women said they’re more confident in their appearance than they were 10 years ago.

More than 1 in 4 women said their fashion sense is better than ever, and almost two/thirds (59%) are still confident enough to wear a bikini.

But women aren’t just feeling like they’re younger – they’re acting like it too. More women are now starting, or adding to, their families after the age of 40.