Love and Peace Reign in Japan’s Fukushima Prefecture

Two small but life-like robotic seals have stolen the hearts of residents in the Suisyoen retirement home in the Japanese Fukushima region.

Live animals, such as dogs and cats, are frequently used in retirement homes to help healing and reduce stress and anxiety.  But now we have “Love” and “Peace”, the names given to the two PARO robot seals, which, when you hold and stroke them, move and look at you with big dark eyes just like a real live animal.

In the video above you’ll see these small electronic seals giving comfort to the elderly in Japan’s disaster hit Fukushima region. When a nearby nuclear plant was badly damaged by March 2012 earthquakes and tsunami, the retirement home had to be evacuated for two months, causing a great deal of stress for its residents.

85 year old Satsuki Yatsuzaka says: “If I hold onto this, it doesn’t matter if there’s a typhoon outside, I still feel safe”.

What more can we ask?  It seems that these robots (costing approximately $5000 and also available to rent) would be a welcome guest not only in retirement homes, but also in children’s hospitals.