Non UK Customers

Non Uk CustomersAt present only UK customers are able to make orders online.

Customers who are not in the UK, can still order their products directly from AquaSource by telephone or email, and receive a 10% discount on their first order.  To receive the 10% discount, you must quote reference VAN07462.

Products and prices sometimes differ from those on this UK-based website, and to see the appropriate Order Forms for your area, please click on the appropriate PDF below.

These forms are for information only – prices sometimes change. Please always contact AquaSource first, before making an order and sending your payment. AquaSource will then set up an account for you, to enable you to receive your 10% discount on first order, and they will then enable you to make your order.


1) Contact AquaSource on +44 (o) 1392 822 150 or email

2) Ask them to open account for you, and tell them which products you would like to order

3) Quote reference VAN07462 to receive 10% discount on your first order

4) Arrange with AquaSource how you will make payment. If you prefer, after making arrangements with AquaSource, you can print off  the appropriate PDF for your destination (see links below) and complete it.  After completion, fax or email a scanned copy of your order direct to AquaSource at


EXPORT ORDER FORM   (Countries outside of the UK, and outside the EU – European Union)

Telephone orders to       +44 (o) 1392 822 150


Please QUOTE reference no. VAN07462  and receive 10%  DISCOUNT on your first order.