Welcome to all the Health Professionals who have been invited to view this page.


Most Health Professionals are aware that with today’s increasingly busy and stressful lifestyles, along with commercially processed foods and depleted soils, it is often difficult to eat a perfectly balanced diet that provides us with the necessary levels of all the essential nutrients our bodies require. Most will recognise that in many cases a little help will be needed to get the best results with their clients.

To this end, AquaSource products are, in our opinion, some of the best quality food supplements on the market. AquaSource are committed to using only high quality natural sourced products specifically designed to support the body and its vital functions, and that purity shows in everything they do.

Unlike many other health supplement companies,  AquaSource use only naturally sourced ingredients.  All capsules are Trufil with 100% active ingredients. They NEVER use fillers and binders and all products are GM FREE. They use only naturally produced CoQ10 – not synthetic.

Also, where applicable, AquaSource supplements have been registered with The Vegan Society.

I have been using AquaSource products myself on a regular basis since I first came across them back in 1995.  Not only do I myself use them daily, I have been recommending them to clients  ever since.

Not only am I completely reassured that the products themselves are of the highest quality and will therefore benefit those I recommend them to, as a therapist I discovered I could also earn generous commissions and bonuses selling the products.

As Aquasource uses network marketing as their advertising channel, I also discovered that distributors can be rewarded for having other like minded people in their team.

 What could be better?

  • I use and recommend products that I firmly believe are of the highest quality, that can benefit those seeking to improve various aspects of their health.
  • I can turn my passion for those for, and belief in those products into a business.


You can see more information on becoming a distributor on this HERE.

BUT, the retail commission figure of 30% is only part of the story. There are extra bonuses for selling in volume and additional income can be achieved by building a team of like minded people.

AquaSource is a family owned, British Company that has some of the highest standard of ethics you will come across in this industry. It is also a member of the Direct Selling Association (dsa) so you can be confident you are joining a reputable, stable company that you can be proud to belong to.

In a nutshell by joining AquaSource:

  • You can recommend AquaSource products with the confidence and the knowledge they are of the highest quality.
  • You can promote the products and businesses as little or as much as you want, depending on what your goals are.
  • You will be working for yourself but with a great company and team behind you.
  • It is totally flexible.  It can be operated alongside your existing business or job.