What makes AquaSource Fatty Acid Complex so essential?

What makes AquaSource Fatty Acid Complex so essential?

Aquasource Fatty Acid Complex

A nutritionists’ favourite

A good diet will contain some, of course, although looking in the average shopping trollies in supermarket checkouts often reveals a sad lack of these essential nutrients.

And the word ‘essential’ is just that. Two of the fatty acids, omega 6 and omega 3, are called ‘essential’ because they are essential for health, but because our human bodies are unable to synthesize them from other nutrients it is literally essential to get them direct from diet, or supplements.

Where do we find these fatty acids in nature?

Mostly we find them in nuts and seeds, berries, dark green leafy vegetables, various algae, fish and krill and in good quality eggs and high-quality cuts of meat like 100% grass-fed beef.

AquaSource fully understand the importance of fatty acids in our diets. That’s why Fatty Acid Complex has been cleverly designed to include oils from a wide variety of sources. We all know about the omega 3 content of flax seeds (also called linseeds), and over the past ten years or so pumpkin seeds have been extremely popular sources of omega 3 too. In fact, pumpkin seeds are renowned for their generous zinc content as well. The oil from apricot kernels has cleverly been included too – of course, next time you eat an apricot, why not crack the nut and eat the kernel inside – they’re absolutely delicious, having a strong taste of almonds.

Apart from the two ‘essential’ fatty acids, omegas 6 and 3, there are other important fatty acids. For example, we’re all well acquainted with the healthy Mediterranean diet, which is high in various fatty acids, but especially omega 9 from the oleic acid found in olives and olive oil, and avocados, as well as various nuts and seeds. Humans are able to make omega 9 in the body, so long as we have sufficient omega 6 and omega 3 available from which to make them. However, getting extra omega 9 from diet and supplements is highly recommended.

Whilst on the subject of omega 6, there is some confusion among many people looking at healthy diets. The average Western diet actually has an excess of omega 6, especially as compared with omega 3, with which it should be in a balanced ratio. So why are we recommending eating even more? The reason for this is that much of the omega 6 in the modern Western diet comes from poor quality oil (processed, hydrogenated, rancid vegetable oils, such as refined corn oil, refined sunflower oil, refined safflower oil, etc.). So when you eat crisps, most fried foods, biscuits, cakes, etc. which are commercially produced using these cheap and damaged oils, you do not receive the benefits that the omega 6 from healthier sources have.  To get the real benefits, we need to eat the foods as nature intended, from the berries and nuts and seeds, algae and fish, etc., and from carefully produced supplements like AquaSource Fatty Acid Complex.

In fact, this is where the AquaSource Fatty Acid Complex product truly excels, because great care is taken to ensure that not only is it virtually entirely organically produced, but crucially all the oils are cold-pressed in such a way that no nutrients are either damaged or lost. You get the whole spectrum of nutrients you would naturally get in the oils, and that’s unusual for products of this type.

One more point on omega 6 – a healthy body is able to make GLA (gamma-linolenic acid) from omega 6 and this is highly desirable. However, it’s not at all unusual that this conversion does not happen readily, and taking GLA in the ready converted form is incredibly beneficial.

Borage oil provides about 23 percent of GLA. Evening primrose is another excellent source, providing about 9 percent GLA. Other than these two, and blackcurrants, GLA is rarely found in nature, so it’s important to get your GLA from these three foods, which are of course found in AquaSource Fatty Acid Complex.

Last year AquaSource made a good product even better, with additions such as Black Cumin seeds and Goji Berries. There are too many ingredients in AquaSource Fatty Acid Complex to describe here in detail but we need to make a special mention of Schizochytrium Sp – a fast growing marine algae which contains extraordinarily high levels of DHA (dicosahexanoic acid).  DHA accounts for 97 percent of the omega-3 fats in the brain. Cold-water fatty fish, like salmon, are good dietary sources of DHA, but this marine algae is an excellent and sustainable vegetarian option.

AquaSource Fatty Acid Complex has been a popular product for many years now, deservedly so. Virtually 99% of the agricultural ingredients are organically produced, and it’s approved by the Vegan Society.

AquaSource Fatty Acid Complex now contains oil from:

Flax Seed*, Olive*, Sunflower*, Safflower*, Evening Primrose*, Rose Hip*, Pumpkin Seed*, Borage*, Black Cumin*, Wheat Germ*, Apricot Kernel*, Sesame Seed*,Goji Berry, Soya Lecithin*,
DHA-rich oil from Marine Algae Schizochytrium Sp. with Rosemary flavouring, Raspberry, Nutmeg (Nutmeg, Sunflower, Olive oil blend), Carrot
*98.8698% agricultural ingredients are organically produced

Take 1ml (20 drops) twice a day. If you wish, put onto salad or into salad dressing.

2ml typically contain:
Omega-3 514mg
Omega-6 587mg
Omega-9 543mg