Winter immunity and health

Winter Snow

Winter weather brings the need for extra nutritional care

It’s that time again when many of us make some health and fitness resolutions for the New Year, and our motivation to change bad habits is at its highest point for the year.

The last month of each year, December, is a season of celebration and sickness. Why do people get the winter flu? The answer of course is down to low immunity, usually as a result of poor nutrition.

Over-eating during the holiday period, added to a few too many alcoholic beverages, stress and change in routine, can result in digestive discomfort, as well as impaired immunity and reduced overall health.

So now is the time to get back on track, and here are a few suggestions which will definitely help:

  1. Dramatically reduce your intake of wheat
  2. Dramatically reduce your intake of sugar
  3. Drink a few pints of clean water each day
  4. Make a green smoothie, in your blender (a very simple recipe would be a couple of handfuls of spinach, with a banana, and some water – but experiment with different green leaves and different fruits)
  5. Take advantage of our ColActive3 dietary supplement, so useful in the winter months
  6. Get enough sleep and a little exercise. The exercise doesn’t have to be in a gym or in the park – it can just be some fun dancing in the living room for 15 minutes.


For the month of January I will focus on a key supplement for the winter – ColActive 3.

According to Dr Glen Davison, a sports scientist at the University of Kent, Colostrum “can be very useful in boosting the immune system, especially during periods of intense physical training and when someone is under a lot of stress”.

This was from an article in the UK’s Guardian newspaper, of 24th June 2012, which reported that many Olympic athletes supplemented their diets with Colostrum.

But it’s not just Olympic athletes who benefit from supplementing their diets with Colostrum.  Non-athletes’ bodies are also under stress during the winter, especially during the holiday period, when we may have experienced emotional stress, and our normal routines were interrupted and our normal diets changed.

These are just some of the reasons why one may wish to supplement with Colostrum. However, AquaSource ColActive3 is much, much more than Colostrum.

The second ingredient in AquaSource ColActive 3 is Lactoferrin. This is a multifunctional protein, which can be found in milk, saliva, and tears. Lactoferrin helps to regulate absorption of iron, and also helps to regulate the delivery of iron to cells. In addition, it is believed to protect against bacterial infection, and even to be active against infections caused by some viruses and fungi.

The addition of Lactoferrin serves to greatly increase the potential immunity benefits of AquaSource ColActive3. AquaSource has simply added even more of a particular element of Colostrum, one which is naturally found in Colostrum anyway, in order to naturally augment an already proven benefit.

Acidophilus, the final of the three ingredients in ColActive3, is important for improved digestion, helping to populate the intestines with friendly flora. Acidophilus also has anti-bacterial properties, and can help to reduce incidence of traveller’s diarrhoea, as well as promote bowel regularity.

So we see, in combining the three ingredients, colostrums, lactoferrin, and acidophilus, AquaSource have created  great synergy with three powerful natural ingredients. They all contribute to improving the immune function, combining anti-bacterial properties with promoting beneficial intestinal flora, and all the while helping to promote a healthy digestive system.

Why not enjoy the benefits now, and get yourself and your family some ColActive3 for your health and protection?

Wishing you a very happy, healthy and successful New Year.